$8.00 Cardano Shelley Relay Node

June 5th, 2020


Would you like ot help the Cardano Shelley decentrlized network out by operating a relay node?

Are you operating a pool and need another relay node, a protected one form DDoS attacks?

Don't have reliable broadband at home, or do not want to open up your home network to all sorts of potential misfits?

Well, you could host that relay anywhere, like Amazon AWS cloud (yuck), Google cloud (more yuck) but why would you do that?

As you explore our site, you will notice that we emphasize infrastructure, obsessively even. Well, we have a good reason for our obsession, because, without sovereign infrastructure, Cardano would never be able to become the global financial OS of the world, especially in emerging nations like Africa.

We operate on bare-metal, bare-metal that we own, not rent form some big box cloud in the sky company. If something goes wrong, we fix it, we pick the carriers, we select the global locations, we select everything based on our founding principle, that infrastructure matters, a lot.

Without further ado, behold, the only Cardano $8.00 Shelley Realy Node offer in the known universe:

  • 2 GB Memory - 16 when needed
  • 120 GB ZFS storage
  • IPv6 address
  • DDoS protected
  • Firewall protected
  • Snapshots for rollbacks

Do not be deceived by the price, $8.00 put in the right hands, yours if you accept, can operate a Cardano decentralized relay node beautifully.

No, big box "cloud" can match our offering, we know because we looked for this level of service for our company, it did not exist, so we built it ourselves.

Well what do you say, do you want to drive your Cardano relay node today?

The $8.00 relay node is coming as soon as we can, COVID-19 has slowed us down a little.

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