Our Secret Cardano Stake Pool Plan to World Desirability

April 3rd, 2019

Our Cardano stake pool desirability strategy is based not on fees but the actual cost to operate on bare metal. Will we succeed or fail? It is mostly out of our hands and into ADA/USD exchange rate hands now.

Find out why the exchange rate on Ada plays such a critical role in our survival as a company, and how we plan to adjust as we head into the magnificent decentralized Shelley unknown.

Myopic or Non-myopic Desirability

When one looks up myopic in the dictionary, besides nearsighted, they find:

lacking imagination, foresight, or intellectual insight

Well, that's not good.

The opposite of myopic is non-myopic. The definition of non-myopic is, not myopic.

We can do better than that definition for non-myopic, besides not nearsighted it is:

possessing imagination, foresight, or intellectual insight

Fortunately, Cardano will be using the non-myopic view when supporting Ada asset holders in their stake pool decisions. 1

Cardano Non-myopic Advantage

Nothing impacts a stake pools desirability more than how that pool is seen in the eyes of Cardano asset holders, short-term, nearsighted or long-term, farsighted.

Cardano will be displaying the non-myopic view to stakeholders so their decisions will automatically be long-term view based.

If Cardano had chosen to take the other, myopic view, we would be unable to compete, in part because stake pool operators can lie on how much it costs to operate their pool. (See, Operate a Cardano Stake Pool No Cost for more on the race to zero 2 )

Adaizen, Support What You Value

We approached how we could support Cardano by viewing it as our cryptocurrency, support what you value. In discussions surrounding how to do that we always came to the same trailhead, to deploy a fully secure, decentralized, scalable, global diverse bare metal stake & pledge pool service for Cardano's ecosystem. One that we would be proud to stake on!

Our global stake pool world view:

Core & Relay Bare-metal Relay Only Container Core & Relay Launching Q2, 2020

Had it not been for Cardano's long-term, non-myopic advantage, the cost of operating a stake pool would have never made it into the stake pools adjustable variables for desirability. (For more on desirability, Cardano Stake Pool Variables 3 )

As we mentioned earlier, some stake pool operators are expected to lie about what it costs to operate their service. Their thinking here is by setting their cost next to or nothing they will boost their desirability and make up for it on their fee charged to those that delegate to them.

That's one way to look at it.

At Adaizen we're taking the complete opposite approach, we're setting our cost to actual operating expenses for our bare metal infrastructure to run, our pool fee (margin) zero.

Doing this places us in a unique position, fully correlated to ADA/USD fluctuations.

ADA/USD Desirability
Up Up
Down Down

ADA/USD goes up, our desirability number increases, ADA/USD goes down, so too does our stake pool desirability.

What can we do to hedge this volatility?

For the most part, we can't. We have actual operating expenses to run the way we do, on bare metal. What we can do until Cardano rises in price, is run in fewer locations, that means two signing nodes for failover and four relay ones, our base infrastructure.

You now know Adaizen's secret Cardano stake pool plan to world desirability.

Tell everyone won't you, what else would one do with a secret like this?
Much appreciated

See, Cardano Exchange via Stake Pool, for another take on this topic.

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