O a0, Where Art Thou?

March 1st, 2020

When registering a pool, the pool operator can decide to ‘pledge’ some of his personal stake to the pool. Pledging more will slightly increase the potential rewards of his pool.

This means that pools whose operators have pledged a lot of stake will be a little bit more attractive. So, if an attacker wants to create dozens of pools, he will have to split his personal stake into many parts, making all of his many pools less attractive, thereby causing people to delegate to pools run by honest stakeholders instead.

The degree of influence a pool operator’s pledged stake has on pool rewards can be fine-tuned by a configurable parameter. Being a bunch of mathematicians with little imagination, we called this parameter ‘a0’. ~ Lars Brünjes, Ph.D. 1

Above is the notice displayed to users before entering the Daedalus delegation center. The round-bottom scientific flask icon is reserved for data that is inaccurate, thus making the other data without the icon accurate enough to make delegation choices with.

One necessary modification deals with pool performance. If a pool operator neglects his ‘duties’ and does not create the blocks he is supposed to create, the pool rewards will decrease accordingly. 1

The stake pool list above was taken on March 1, 2020. Epoch 79, Slot 12370.

  1. Preventing Sybil attacks by Lars Brünjes, Ph.D. ↩︎ ↩︎

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