March Cardano Development Update IOHK Questions

March 31st, 2020


  • How long do you expect the haskell testnet to last ? (realistically)

Thibaut Rey

33 VOTES - How many of the fortune 500 companies have shown an interest in Cardano? (PWC)

Daniel - CEMA1

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  • What are the killer features of Cardano apart from scientific approach and formal methods that differentiates it from competition.


AndyProvably Secure PoS algorithm, Solid roadmap to 1M TPS (via Hydra), and new decentralized governance model to name a few AlekseiExtended UTXO HIDE2 S

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  • What are some of the most productive/constructive actions that we as Cardano community members can take to assure that vibrant life is being consistently breathed into our ecosystem? Also, how best can we contribute as a whole, individually together, regardless of our experience/ understandings to aide in this Cardano's long-term/short-term success? Whether we be a day one newcomer or veteran participant, what of value is there for us to do that can make a positive lasting impact?

Daniel Ozug

Daniel OzugHaha, one more small question.. What do you believe about Cardano is most empowering? HIDE 12 VOT S With this release will more exchanges be comfortable enough to list ADA or are they waiting for Shelly?


Daniel - CEMA1Coinbase is waiting for Cardano to be truly decentralised (Shelley) HermespoolDo we really need more exchanges? There are plenty... HIDE2 S 11 VOTE A question from a pool operator: after 3 and half months of ITN it seems quite clear that pools located quite far from Europe and US have a lower win ratio on "slot battles" a.k.a. slot multi-leadership events. Do you think it's possible to apply some changes on the selection of the parent block instead of applying the "the first that comes win" rule? Maybe a random selection among all parent blocks received in a limited amount of time could be more fair?

feqifei [COOL] [CALM]

Jhas there ever been a thread on the subreddit about this? HIDE 10 VOT S When can we expect Ada Credit/Debit card?

Samantha Lim

CryptoTechnikKeep your ADA, spend the stablecoin HIDE 10 VOT S Are there any smart contract partners lined up which will ship together with Goguen?


7 VOTES Can you provide any more details around the Dex that Charles eluded to?


6 VOTES Hi Tim and Aparna, Thank you for this live update! Can you please on the state of the pledge mechanics planned for mainnet? It would be great for stakepool operators to be able to plan out their pledge strategy in advance. Best regards f om your passionate community :)

Daniel Tucunduva

HermespoolThis leads me to the question, will it be possible from the beginning to have more than one pledge adress for the pool? HIDE 5 VOT S Hi. Looking forward to the March update and exiting times for Cardano - here is my question: How many people in total are currently involved for each of the phases of development (Shelley, Gougen, Basho and Voltaire)? Also give them all a big thank you for the work they do :)


4 VOTES The Adrestia project was recently unveiled on github but is still quite sparse and hasn't seen updates in a month. What resources from the three entities will be directed toward SDK's?


Jeremy FirsterIs this the updates which includes the libraries for exchanges to easier integrate Cardano? HIDE 4 VOT S Hi Aparna, Tim. Is a new mainnet snapshot planned for the haskell testnet, in order to allow new stake pool operators to participate and test a more massive network ?

Max D

4 VOTES How important is the creation of a Cardano based stablecoin to mass adoption. we think stability can be achieved by algorithm as opposed to by manual governance? What are the benefits of allowing CDPs backed solely by ADA — pitfalls of allowing multi-collateral backing? Can a well designed stablecoin work to stabilize/increase the price of ADA as a side effect? Where is the best place to exchange ideas on stablecoin design?


4 VOTES Do you plan to provide Haskell installation steps or documentation similar way you provided the rust node? Will the stakepools get some official support when switching to Haskell?

Dusan |

3 VOTES Does IOHK, Cardano Foundation, and/or Emurgo use a payroll services company lined up to handle their payroll to pay employees in ADA?


3 VOTES Whats the plan to carry along small pool operators especially from the under developed countries?

Ahmed Oladele

3 VOTES will be possible run a Haskell node on RockPi Hardware (or similir specs)?


Jaimequestion from Twitter DOLCA pool HIDE 2 VOT S Has a decision been taken yet on the creation of a stable coin and what benefits are expected to the ecosystem?

Alfred moesker

2 VOTES What do you think about MakerDAO, DAI and the future of DeFi? How would you implement a stablecoin in Cardano? How would it compare to the existing ones? Thx!

Rodrigo Gonzalez Lascano

2 VOTES Will there ever be a possibility to swap ada for (their new ) stable coin in Daedalus? And Vice versa?


2 VOTES How do you guys plan to market Cardano to the masses once Shelley and Gougen are deployed? In other words, what is the plan for your marketing team in the upcoming months?


2 VOTES What's the expected delta between Shelly and Goguen releases?


1 VOTES Does Cardano have a place in IoT industry? If so what is the game plan there? what are the applications of Cardano in this space?

Clark Richards Alesna

1 VOTES will delegated ADA be able to be used as collateral in cardano defi? Will ADA be used as gas for smart contracts? Regarding the 6B ADA of IOHK, Cardano foundation and Emurgo, how long should be considered out of circulation ?


1 VOTES If a community member has an idea for a specific dapp, or a general idea, but doesn't know whom to approach for guidance, who should that person contact that would be a trustworthy and would not reveal the idea?

Daniel - CEMA1

1 VOTES What's going to happen to the RUST codebase ? How can the community best thank the RUST team ?


1 VOTES Do you expect that there would a time when the system would need to run at 1million txs per second? And if so is it easily doable with what is being launched or would more updates be required?

Chris Alexander

1 VOTES Hello can you see Cardano taking the number 1 spot in the market. In the coming years..


1 VOTES are there any initiatives in place to incentive developers to develop on cardano as opposed to more popular and already established platforms?


0 VOTES Hello, will the Byron Haskell release allow multiple pledges & implement Lars Brünjes Sybil variable a0?

Adaizen | Cardano Stake Pool Service

0 VOTES Why isn't ADA listed by the Gemini exchange? There approach also looks different compared to most exchanges, just like ADA's approach is different from every other crypto.


0 VOTES How did IOHK start to work with universities and academia? Was it part of the plan when the project was launching?

Pedro Soares

0 VOTES After Voltaire launches, it will be important for delegators to understand that delegating stake means delegating your vote. Will there be any mechanism in place for stake pools to clearly and transparently communicate what each stands for and how each plans to vote on CIPs?

T. Martlet

0 VOTES The daedalus wallet will eventually turn into an application-like tool with dapps. Are some of the fundementals for this in the byron reboot?

Jesse Goossens

0 VOTES could you please answer why there isn't an GUI installer and interface?


0 VOTES What is IOHK's plan for stablecoin + Oracle solutions. I have heard Charles mention them as Cardano Commerical Infrastructure, does this mean IOHK would provide these foundations?


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