How Much Ada to be Desirable?

April 12th, 2019

In our post titled, Cardano Stake Pool Variables, we learned that stake pool operators have three primary controls that will impact their pools disability:

  1. Cost
  2. Margin
  3. Pledge

We also learned that only desirable pools will be shown to Ada asset holders in their wallets for possible delegation choice by those asset holders.

For maximal efficiency and security, a solid majority of stake (about 80%) should be delegated to a number of stake pools (about 100 or 1,000 seems to be a reasonable number). ~

The k variable maintains equilibrium between efficiency and decentralization, by limiting the desirable number of pools appearing to Ada holders for delegation selection.

The variable k is currently set to 1,000 stake pools, and will likely change over time.


What separates a desirable Cardano stake pool from non-desirable one is the quantity of pledged Ada to that stake pool. Yes, Cost and Margin play a role but they alone will not get a pool moved into desirable, for that to happen a pool requires a lot of pledged Ada.

How much pledged Ada to be desirable is unknown as of July 4th, 2020

But if we take a look at the top 1,000 wallets and figure that the lowest amount pledged will come from one of those top wallets then 3,000,000 Ada is a minimum to make the desirability list, k. 1

Yea, three million Ada could be the minimum needed to get on the k list, even if they set k to 1,000 stake pools, the number stays the same to be desirable.

This thinking is why we say Adaizen is a:

Bare Metal Cardano Pledge Pool Service

If it turns out that millions of Ada are required to operate a desirable Cardano stake pool then we will need help, pledging will be that help.

Once Shelley arrives, we will get a better feeling for the quantity of Ada to be a desirable Cardano stake pool. We're optimistic that we have enough Ada on our own to make it into k if not hopefully some Ada whale swims our way, allowing us to ride in its wake, if not then we will be out of business before we got started.{:-(

Don't pledge unless you will keep your pledge longterm, 3 to 5 years. We run at the actual cost to operate on bare metal, zero margins, a no-fee pool. Your compensation for pledging is the same as those that delegate to us, 100% returned, zero pool fees.

How's that for a desirable pool, no fees, and a fully secure, decentralized, scalable, global diverse bare metal stake & pledge pool service to boot.

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