Cardano Infrastructure as Code

April 4th, 2019

Infrastructure as Code (IaC), or programmable infrastructure, is a DevOps practice that makes the process of managing configurations and automates the provisioning of infrastructure easy, repeatable and reliable.

Programs and operating systems run on hardware, infrastructure as code views that hardware as if it were software.

Infrastructure as Code

At Adaizen we run primarily on bare metal servers so our needs may not match your DevOp needs for managing your Cardano stake pool. But if you think along the lines that a change to a variable should return a new variable, then you are going to be very happy with our IaC choice.

Our IaC of choice is Terraform by HashiCorp. 1

Terraform by HashiCorp

Terraform is at its heart an orchestration tool, a tool designed to provision servers. With every software change, Terraform replaces the server with a new server.

The configuration management of the software is open, Docker 2 and Packer 3 are quite popular choices. Our choice is NixOS 4, as it is entirely declarative, pairing it with Terraform is as close to a dream deployment as you are ever going to get, in our humble opinion.

We could write up a how-to, should you be interested in a similar deployment on your Cardano stake pool servers, let us know.

The team at Adaizen

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