Cardano Exchange via Stake Pool

April 9th, 2019

Over on, 1 one can find a list of exchanges that currently offer Ada. At Adaizen our relentless investment strategy for acquiring Ada is every month we exchange USD for Ada. We will continue to do this until, well honestly, we cannot see a time when we won't be, and yea we know how that sounds and how fortunate we are to be able to this. Don't read into that, that we are Cardano blue whales or some other large sea mammals 2, we aren't, not by choice of course but by circumstance. I'm sure it is the same for most of you too.

From our begining we had the goal of contributing to Cardano's ecosystem in the best way we can, and being that in part coming from infrastructure backgrounds deploying a global bare metal Cardano stake pool is a natural for us.

One of Cardano's stake pool variables is cost. 3 Costs are the software, hardware infrastructure and time price, in operating a stake pool.

Cost is boon to all those stake pools that utilize it. 4 We view Costs as a way for us to stop or at least lessen our dependency on exchanges and instead support those infrastructure and hardware manufacturers that embrace a better-decentralized future for everyone.

Costs allow us to directly exchange USD to our bare-metal Cardano stake pool infrastructure and get Ada back. Thus lessening, depending on how global our stake pool will be able to operate by passing the costs on to the stake pool itself, to eliminating our reliance on exchanges.

Viewing it from not operating a Cardano stake pool to operating a Cardano stake pool illustrates it best.

Adaizen's before and after operating a stake pool:

Before After
Acquire Ada via exchanges Acquire Ada via stake pool
Support exchanges by acquring Ada Support a bare metal Cardano future

Do not view the comparison as a stab against exchanges serve a purpose it's just we knew we could do better by operating a bare metal Cardano stake & pledge pool service for Cardano's ecosystem than simply exchanging USD to Ada, our before vs. our after.

Costs = USD that does not have to go through exchanges but Adaizen's bare metal Cardano stake pool instead.

The Cardano stake pool variable cost is a way for us and all stake pool operators who utilize it to support more than exchanges, though Cardano’s decentralization model cost is a way to strengthen the infrastructure running Cardano and swap that USD into Ada.

Our choice was obvious, and yours should be too, as this comparison is not just for us but for every Ada asset holder. Get your Ada off those exchanges, delegate it to the stake pool(s) of your choice. By doing so you are fully embracing Cardano's decentralized ecosystem future, and as a boon increasing your Ada holdings too.

See, Our Secret Cardano Stake Pool Plan to World Desirability, for another take on this topic.

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