Cardano Ada Complete Distribution at Genesis

January 31st, 2017

There are quite a lot of graphs that attempt to explain how Cardano Ada was distributed when it started, at its Genesis. Even the official Cardano Org 1 site has its share of charts illustrating Cardano's distribution.

Still, none of the charts showed the now and max, as it were, of Ada. The graph below corrects that by highlighting the completeness of Cardano.

For a complete depiction of Ada, one must see into Cardano's future. That means recognizing the 13,887,515,354 Ada or 30.86% that was held back to sustain the transition to full adoption.

For Cardano's proof of stake (PoS) protocol to be secure, the majority of Ada owners must participate in securing it, and getting rewarded for their participation, by delegating their Ada to one or more Cardano stake pools.

Delegation allows all holders of Ada to participate in the protocol with zero risks to their Ada.

Delegate your Ada today to secure a better now and tomorrow, Cardano planned for it it's up to you to take advantage of their planning 13,887,515,354 Ada are waiting.

Thank You,
For Keeping Cardano Roaming Free

The complete distribution of Ada was produced from IOHK, Emurgo, and the Cardano Foundation wallet addresses.

IOHK wallet address:


Emurgo wallet address:


Cardano Foundation wallet address:


  1. distribution of Ada. ↩︎

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